Large Parcel Search Area/Combo Buffer

For very large search areas, often related to large-scale greenfield searches around dozens of transmission lines, there is a special parcel search method needed to handle such large areas.

Create search area polygon with Combo Buffer

  • Pull up the project

  • Go to the Parcels tab

  • Click on See Actions button (top-right side of the Parcels section)

  • Click Create combo buffer under the task list

  • Input desired search area buffers

    • Line Buffer: leave empty if just searching around substations

    • Sub Buffer: leave empty if just searching around lines

    • Fill in both if looking for land around both subs and lines

  • Click Run

  • This will display the search area on the map as an orange buffer polygon

Run parcel search on polygon

  • Zoom in so you can clearly see the buffer area in orange and click on any section of it to get this pop up (doesn't matter which section of the buffer you click on since it's all connected)

    • Click 'See Actions'

    • Project Tasks > Parcel Search


  • In the parcel search modal, enter the min acres (and max acres if desired)

  • You can then hit 'Get Count' and this should return back the max number of parcels