Run parcel search on AOI area (polygon) from a KML/KMZ

Import a search area AOI polygon from a kml/kmz to use for a parcel search.

Run a parcel search on an polygon from a KML/KMZ

Follow these steps on an existing project.
You can only do this workflow on an existing project (that is, not from the 'Create new project' map. If you don't already have a project set up, first create a greenfielding substation or line project first (select any sub or line near the target area to create the project around). Then continue with the following steps.

Drag and drop KML/KMZ file over the project map

  • Locate the kml/kmz file in your file directory (if it's still in Google Earth, make sure to export it)
  • Drag and drop the file over the project map in AO
  • An asset import table will pop up. Close the table by hitting the red 'x' in the right corner of the table.
The KML/KMZ will now be displayed on the map as a temporary layer.

Copy the KML/KMZ polygon to the map as a drawing

  • On the KML layer, click on the polygon you wish to copy to the project map
  • In the pop-up window, click the copy button to save the polygon geometry to the project map as a drawing.
  • Turn off the KML/KMZ layer
    • Hover over the 3 dot Menu
    • Click Remove

Run a parcel search on the polygon

  • Click on the polygon drawing on the map
  • In the pop-up window, click on See Actions
  • Select Project Tasks
  • Click Parcel Search
  • Input Min Acres (per parcel)
  • Click Get Count
  • Click Run
Now, all the individual parcels will be saved to the project map within the AOI.