Search by parcel ID/APN
Have an APN but need to locate the parcel? Use the APN search tools to locate a parcel based on the parcel ID/APN.


On most maps in the system, you can search for parcels based on a known parcel ID/APN by simply toggling the map search input type to the APN setting:
  • Click the magnifying glass search tool (right-side of most maps)
  • In the Search dropdown, select 'APN/PIN'
  • Enter the APN formatted as: APN, 2-letter state abbreviation (e.g. "10-987-341, CO")
Make sure you have the input formatted as noted above, otherwise if you just copy in the APN alone it will not complete the search.
  • Search should immediately begin and any matching parcels should be created as parcel assets

Create land project by parcel ID

Have a parcel ID and want to locate the parcel and pull it into a project for further analysis? Check out these steps to create a land project for parcels based on the parcel ID.
  • On any map in the system, click the magnifying glass above the map
  • Click on the 'Search' dropdown menu to choose a different search method:
  • Select the 'APN/PIN' option:
  • Once APN/PIN option is selected enter the parcel ID/APN using the following format:
    • Type in the parcel ID exactly as is (make sure to use the exact parcel ID format including any dashes, underscores, leading 0s, etc.)
    • Add a comma
    • Add a space
    • Type in the 2-letter state abbreviation:
The format should look something like: "8500000033, CO"
Once the parcel has been created, add it to the project's primary asset list
  • Click the blue parcel marker on the map
  • In the map pop-up, click 'Select'
  • This will add it to the primary asset list (below the map).
Once desired parcels have been selected, finish out the create project flow to go to your newly created land project.
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