*Constraint Maps

Viewing the buildable area constraint maps

Running the Buildable Area Analysis task on a project will create constraint maps for each parcel.

As the analysis runs, the constraint maps will load into the map automatically.

  • Turn the constraint maps on and off via the map toolbar "drawing" menu > Load/hide all drawings

Don't see the constraint maps/hazard drawings displaying on a project? Toggle them on via the map toolbar > Drawings> Load all hazard drawings.

Reviewing the hazards/buildable area

Each hazard is represented by a different color shading on the map.

  • Click on a hazard on the map to read more information about the hazard and that specific parcel

Clicking on a color within the constraint map will pull up more details

Review buildable area analysis settings/setbacks

Need to see what settings/inputs were used to generate the constraint maps on a project? The metadata is stored in the buildable area constraint map.

  • Make sure the constraint maps are turned on/visible on the map

  • Click any of the buildable area analysis polygons on the map

  • In the pop up about the Buildable Area, scroll down to the bottom of the pop up to see list of settings and values from the form that were used for this run.

    • Note: units are listed in meters