August 2019

We are publishing a very significant version release. You will see this reflected on your machine shortly. Updates are below.


We upgraded the "Geo Analysis" task so that you can now determine buildable acres that factor in slopes and buffers on top of flood and wetlands. Additionally, this task now automatically creates constraint maps based on your preferences. The feature also automatically creates slope contour and color relief maps.

Here's an example. Our system automatically calculated that the parcel below has 137 buildable acres (no floods, wetlands, minimal slope, and 25 foot buffers) and created all of the polygons with just 1 click.

  • How to:

  • From the project map, hover over the top right menu and click "Select All Parcels"

  • In the "Geo Analysis +" section add your slope preferences. The system will automatically exclude any area that exceeds the highest value you put into the "Slope Values" box. If you'd like to see additional polygons for lower slope levels, you can type numerous values into the box separated by spaces.

    • Example: If you want to exclude all territory that exceeds 10% slope from your buildable area, but you also want to see areas that have between 5% & 10% slope, type 5 10 in the "Slope Levels" box

  • Buffer: If you want to put buffers around your constraints and parcel boundaries add them in the buffer box.

  • Click "Run Task." When these finish, they'll display the constraint maps on screen.

  • Additional Notes

  • When you return to the project, you'll need to hover the "Drawing" option and click "Load All Hazard Drawings" too see the drawings again. This helps minimize load times.

  • To view slope contour and color relief maps, hover over the layer dropdown and select the "Countour" and/or "Color Relief" option(s)

  • You can still augment the "Buildable Area" of a parcel for things like houses and tree cover using the standard "Composite Geometry" feature

PDF Report Creation

You can automatically create PDF reports of a site with different layers or polygons toggled on or off.

  • How To

  • Turn on any layers you'd like to show

  • Select "Report" from the hamburger menu

  • You can toggle the image title and description by double clicking the text

  • Click the camera icon to snap an image

  • Reiterate these steps for every image you want to include in your report, and then click "Get Report"

  • You can save consistently used formats using the "Save Map Settings" feature, which we can help you setup.

Refined Map Menu Section

We updated the top right corner menu of maps to be more user friendly.

  • How To / Overview

  • Hover over icons to display their sub-menus

  • Icons

    • Drawing: This allows you to toggle "Geo Analysis +" constraint maps

    • Layers Icon (Middle Icon): This displays all of the layers in your team

    • Hamburger Menu (Right Icon): Various design, measuring, and mapping tools

      • Edit: Displays ad-hoc drawing tools

      • Report (NEW-ish): Allows you to take screenshots of your map with various layers and automatically put them into a pdf report

      • Full-Screen: Self explanatory

      • Polygon Select: Select all items in an area that you draw

      • Line/Polygon Measurement (NEW): This allows you to draw a line or polygon on the map to automatically calculate its acreage, but this will not save as a persisting polygon/polyline

      • Select All Parcels (NEW): Select all parcels to perform "Superparcel" creation or "Geo analysis" tasks

Parcel Layer Copying

Our old methodology to add parcels from the layer into a project took several clicks. We improved this process.

  • How To

  • Turn on parcel layer, and click a parcel

  • Click "Create Asset"

That is all. Our system will automatically paste it into your project.

Reformatted Parcel Pop Up Box

In the image above, you can see that we reformatted the parcel pop up box to include the most important information up top (owner name and parcel acreage) for better user experience.

Improved Land Project Flow:

Our old "Greenfield-Land" project flow was a bit clunky if the parcel didn't already exist. We streamlined this.

  • How To

  • Select "Greenfield-Land" project type and add a name

  • On the map in the "Create an Asset - Land" box select a parcel from the map

  • Click "Select Parcel" in the pop up

  • Click "Create Asset"

  • Click "Create Project"

UI/UX Upgrades: We've published a lot of interface improvements, so things may look a little different (better) in several places.

We want to ensure everyone is comfortable using the new Geo Analysis feature, so I'll be reaching out directly to setup some training.

Please reach out with any questions or issues you encounter. As always, there is a chance some bugs are missed during initial testing.

Thanks, Jake

Review - Old Feature That You May Not Be Aware Of

Combine Multiple Parcels into Single Parcel/Project Area (Super Parcel)

Users often combine numerous parcels into a single project. This feature allows you to combine the parcels in our system so that you can mimic this real-life behavior.

  • Select several parcels by clicking on each one while holding Ctrl (cmd on Mac)

  • Add a name for the combined "SuperParcel" and click "Run Task"