June 2019

  • Multi-Select: You can select multiple items on the map simultaneously by using ctrl+click or (on Mac) cmd+click. You can also use the polygon select tool on any map to select a region and select every asset within it. To remove parcels from this selection, click "Drop XXX."

  • Combined Parcels into "Super-Parcel":

    • Background: Users have requested the ability to combine contiguous parcels into a single parcel so that they can create full project constraint maps instead of several disparate maps. We now allow this. We'll be rolling this task out over the next few days.

    • How To: Select numerous parcels using "Multi-Select" from above. Add a name. Click "Run Task." Again, this task will be added to your account in the coming days.

  • Easier Project Delete: You can now delete multiple projects at once.

    • How To: Go to the "View All Projects," click the pencil icon, select the projects, and click "Delete Selected"

  • Ignore Markers on Exports: Per requests, you can eliminate markers and/or any polygon that you've made invisible from your exports.

    • How To: Click the proper checkbox in the export window.

  • KMZ Uploads & User Layer Create: You can now upload your own KMZs without our involvement. You can also save uploaded files as layers for ongoing use. W

    • How To: Drag and drop any KMZ file onto a map. The KMZ will display on the map and show up in the "Layers" section. If you want to save this KMZ for future use as a layer, click the "Save" button. After saving, it will show in the "Team" section of the layer box.

  • Line Slope Variation: This feature allows you to analyze the change in elevation of a line across its distance.

    • How To: Click a line. Click plot elevation. When you hover on the chart, it will display the elevation at that distance from the line.

  • UX Improvements: We've also made a variety of standard UX improvements.

As always, new versions may have bugs that are only seen with heavy use. If you experience any issues, please let us know.