March 2019

We published a version update yesterday evening. Details are below. We'll begin publishing these on our website, so you can refer back to them.

During the publish, the task system was down for about 20 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Filter on Selected Parcels

    • Purpose: Users want to see a specific parcel(s) with the project's point of interest. This allows you to filter on selected parcels so only they display on the map.

    • How To: Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the "Parcel" section. Click on the desired parcels in the parcel list. Click the "Show Only These Assets" button under the list. The map will then update showing only the selected parcel(s).

  • Edit Parcel Rating From the Map

    • Purpose: This allows users to do more work from the map, which is a consistent goal we've heard.

    • How To: Left click on a parcel in project map. Click a number of stars in the pop-up box

  • Automatically Select All Assets in an Area as a Project's Point of Interest

    • Purpose: Users who select multiple points of interest for a project currently have to select each one from the map. Manually selecting each one in an area is tedious. This automates that process.

    • How To: When you create a project and are selecting your "Primary Asset(s)", click the "Polygon Select" button under the map. Then draw a polygon around an area of interest. Every asset in that area will be used in your project, so your parcel search will find parcels nearby each asset.

  • Create Project Groups (Folders)

    • Purpose: Users want a way to better categorize projects as they begin to have a long list. You now have the ability to create "Project Groups," which you can assign projects to for more robust categorization.

    • How To:

      • Create Group: Click "Project" and then "Create Group" from the left navigation bar. Add a name, and click "Create."

      • Assign Project to Group: Navigate to a Project. Click the pencil icon by the project's name.

    • Click View Groups in the left navigation menu to see groups and drill into them

  • Maps Have Scale Reference

    • Purpose: To provide a directional distance estimate tool to users

    • This is located at the bottom of maps

  • Layer Refresh Button

    • Purpose: Sometimes layers stall but refreshing the entire application is cumbersome. You can now refresh a layer if it stalls without refreshing the entire software.

    • How To: In the layer toolbox, click the refresh icon of the desired layer

We also made several minor enhancements and removed the need to do refreshes such as after running the geoanalysis task.

Please let me know if you would like any training or have any questions.