November 2018


+++ We published a version update this morning. To support our efforts to provide you with strong customer service and ensure you are getting the most from our software, I'll now send updates like this on all the new features.

Let me know if you wish to be removed from these communications or if I can improve them in any way.

Update Review

  • Multi-Substation Projects: Instead of creating a project for every substation, you can now group several substations into a single project. This is useful for siting entire counties or areas rapidly.

    • Simply click multiple substations during the "Create Project" flow instead of one substation

  • Copy Polygons: You can now copy and paste drawn polygons/markers/etc

    • Right click a drawn polygon and then click the copy icon

    • It will copy the polygon over the old one. Then you can drag and drop it to a new location

  • Increased Project Map: We often hear the project map is too small. It is now larger and directly above the assets you pull in so it's easy to compare.

  • Project Listed On Parcel: It was cumbersome to navigate back to a project from a Parcel's detail page. Parcels now have all the projects that they're a part of at the bottom of their detail page.

  • Create Parcel Asset from Project Page: You can now create a parcel and add it right to a project from the detail page in 2 ways

    • Copy from parcel layer map drawing:

      • Turn on parcel layer

      • Click a parcel and click "Copy Feature" in the GIS pop-up box

      • Right click the new parcel drawing and click "Create" then "Copy"

      • Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the "Parcels" section and select "Show copied assets"

      • Click the name of the parcel

    • Create Asset from parcel section

      • Click the pencil in the top right of the parcel section

      • Click "Create Asset" and follow the steps

  • Custom Filter for Ratings & Distance: You can now filter the parcel list by star ratings and distance from substation

  • Colors of Polygons in Drawing Table will Update: The polygon table colors will now update in line with the coloring in the map

  • Parcel map & export update with Filters: The parcel map on the Project page will update when you apply filters so you can export only the desired parcels into a KML

  • Other general user interface enhancements and bug fixes

Please let me know if you have any questions or experience any bugs.