v2.0.0 - 11/16/20

Features and New Functionality

Tasks now under 'See Actions' button

Eventually these tasks will be available directly from a sidebar on the map, but as we work through the redesign, we've moved the tasks to the new 'See Actions' button.
  • On a project, go to the Parcels tab
  • Click the blue 'See Actions' button
  • Tasks available include, Parcel Search, Create Combo Buffer, and Project Buildable Area Analysis

Enhanced data tables

We have started a series of updates to the data tables across the platform. More changes to come soon!
  • Added checkboxes for easier row selection
  • Updated the interface

Easily view attribute data for multiple layers at once

When multiple layers are enabled on the map, the layer pop-up window now displays tabs for each layer.
  • Turn on desired layers from the Layers menu
  • Click on the map to see layer attribute info for that area
  • In the layer pop-up window, click to the tab of interest to view data about that layer

'Create Project' flow updates

  • Improved asset map loading speed in updated 'Create project' flow
  • Defaulted the 'add assets' step to the map view
  • Updated user interface between steps

New Layers

Water Table Depth (USDA NRCS, Esri)

Soils - Farmland Class (USDA NRCS, Esri)


  • Added integration support for additional KML/KMZ data folder structures
  • Fixed APN search in 'create project' flow
  • Adjusted map zooming behavior on newly created projects
  • Addressed sporadic timing issues on newly created projects so that project tasks and lat/long coordinates should be visible when project first loads