v2.3.8 -- 9/07/21

New Features and Enhancements

Updated Buildable Area Analysis

Save time with templates

Find yourself wanting to reuse the same settings and parameters for Buildable Area Analysis often? Now users can save time by saving preferred settings in templates on the updated Buildable Area Analysis form! Saved templates are currently available, editable, and deletable at the user-level (in a future update, we will make these available at the company-level).
To save a template, click inside the blank Template box in the lower right-hand corner of the Project Buildable Area Analysis form and enter template name. Click Create:

New hazard/exclusion settings added in Project Buildable Area Analysis:

Four new settings for hazards and exclusions have been added, including:
  • Critical Habitats
  • Public Lands (Protected Areas Database)
  • Transmission Lines
  • Oil and Gas Wells
Critical Habitats and Public Lands hazard/exclusion settings can be found on the main Buildable Area Analysis settings view. To activate each, click the corresponding toggle + enter desired setbacks:
To see Transmission Lines and Oil and Gas Wells hazard exclusions, click the Infrastructure toggle on the main Buildable Area Analysis settings view + input desired setbacks:

Setback field changes

Setback field at the top of the form now ONLY applies to the internal parcel boundary setback; this setback will no longer automatically apply as the default to other settings.

Constraint maps clipped to parcel boundary

Constraint maps are now ‘clipped’ to the parcel/site boundary to make it easier to see the parcel boundaries when constraint maps are displayed.