How can I view the buildable area analysis/constraint maps for a project where it was already run?

Check out this page on how to view the constraint maps.

What are the sources for the Buildable Area Analysis?

We link each source by the setting in the Buildable Area Analysis form.

Why isn't there any parcel data in my area?

Our parcel data provider, ReportAll, has nationwide coverage for the U.S. but there are occasionally counties or townships with no coverage or minimal attributes.
Try turning on the parcels layer (map toolbar > Parcels ) and zooming in close to the map. If no parcel boundaries display then it likely means that ReportAll does not have parcel data for that area.
Check out their parcel data coverage page and scroll down below the map to view available data by county.

How can I add an additional user or state to my account?

Reach out to your account manager for account changes and pricing - [email protected]

Can I import/view my own data and map layers?

We want to make sure you can see all the data and layers you need in one place. Check out the options below.

KML/KMZ Imports

If the data is in a KMZ or KML, you can import those files yourself -- check out our KMZ import instructions.
If the files are extremely large files (e.g. all transmission lines in a state), see instructions below for Shapefiles/TAB.


Reach out to your account manager with the files (or we can set up a Google Drive folder if they are too large to email). We can get them integrated (typically about 1 week).

Public Map Layers

There are lots of great mapping resources available and we can typically integrate in public map layers. Just email us the link to the public layer and we can work with you to get it integrated as a layer.

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