Zoning Data
Finding zoning data for a potential site can be challenging in many markets, but there may be some options available to better understand zoning implications for your next site.

Why isn't zoning information available for most parcels in the standard attribute list?

Zoning data is rarely available in a county's parcel data because most counties do not track zoning by parcel and thus do not include it as a tracked 'attribute'; it's tracked by zone.
Parcel data providers (like ReportAll who supplies our parcel data) aggregate data from tax auditor records directly from each county. Since zoning is not available in those records, zoning is consequently not included at the parcel level.

Land use codes

Some counties do track land use codes/categories at a parcel-level which may give you more insight into potential zoning categorizations. For some counties, there will be parcel attributes for "Land Use Code" and "Land Use Category" which may provide some directional insight into potential zoning restrictions. The industry best practice is to use Land Use as a zoning proxy until later stage pre-EPC work.
Follow this link for more information on if land use codes are reported in a specific county by ReportAll.

Online zoning maps

Some county websites now include online, geolocated zoning maps. If you're able to locate a map layer like this on a county's website, please email us the link to [email protected] and we can try and integrate it so that you can overlay the zones on your project map.