Single Site Analysis Guide

Already identified a target site area outside of AO? Analyze constraints, review nearby grid infrastructure, and create exports for the site.

Site Analysis Overview

The Site Analysis project type allows you to analyze parcels that you have already located for a potential site (vs. searching for brand new sites in a greenfielding search). The Site Analysis project type is great for inbound landowner/client calls, brownfield sites, M&A projects, and KMZs with specific boundaries.

Step 1: Create a new Site Analysis Project

  • Create a new project and select the Site Analysis project type to begin
  • Type in a name for the project and add any additional details

Step 2: Select parcel(s) to add to project

Since you already know where the land is for the site, you can locate and select the target parcel(s) through a few different methods on the Primary Land step of the 'Create new project' flow:
    • This works well if you already have the parcels identified in Google Earth or already in a KMZ. Rather than relocating the same parcels in our parcel dataset, you can simply import the parcels directly from a KML/KMZ
    • Select the parcels you want to add to the project right from the Parcels layer. This layer is automatically activated on the Primary Land map in the create project flow. Just zoom in to see the orange parcel boundaries display on the map and click each parcel you want to add to add to the project.
    • If you or someone else in your organization has saved the parcels in AO previously, they will be visible on the map (blue parcel boundaries with blue dot). You can re-select them for your new project.
Note: Some of the parcel search tools are not available on the map in the 'Create Project' flow. If you need to run a parcel search around target grid infrastructure, for example, you will first need to create a Greenfielding project around at least 1 sub or line and then you can run the search on the project from there.

Step 3: Finish creating project

Step 4: (Optional) Add additional parcels to build out site acreage

Once you've completed step 3, there are many methods to find additional land for siting if you need to add additional acreage to what you started with.
This video highlights the parcel search methods above:
Adding parcels anytime after completing step 3 of this process will add parcels to the 'Parcels' tab which is separate than the 'Primary Land' tab. You can add parcels into the 'Primary Land' or 'Parcels' tab using the 'Add' button in the corresponding tab

Step 5: (Optional) Combine individual parcels into larger site area (super parcel)

  • Creating a super parcel will allow you to make one site boundary out of multiple parcels. This also allows you to apply site boundary setbacks properly in the Buildable Area Analysis if you only want to apply parcel setbacks to the site boundary.

Step 6: Create constraint maps and calculate buildable acreage

Step 7: Check out nearby grid infrastructure (substations and lines)

There are many different datasets that show grid infrastructure. You can turn the layers on from the various sources below and save grid infrastructure to the project for future reference.

Step 8: Review parcels

Review parcels including sorting them by buildable acreage, marking star ratings, etc.

Step 9: Export project data

Export all key data from a siting project to seamlessly continue downstream work. Export project map/constraint maps, landowner information/parcel data, and PDF reports.